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No Home Care Worker is an Island. Although it May Feel like it at Times.

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

Social Distancing guidelines have forced us to learn how to stay connected when we are unable to physically be with others. But it can become difficult to continue that connection over time so here are a few ideas to connect with others and find support.

  • Most fitness trackers have the capability to have step challenges with friends or to join a group. There are other challenges on fitness trackers that allow you to connect with friends or gain support during your fitness challenges.

  • Take a friend to explore a new area of Maine. One of the beautiful lighthouses, a waterfall or a local trail you have not been able to make the time to explore yet.

  • Find online support groups. If you find yourself having a hard time making and/or keeping connections with your loved ones, there are therapists that can listen and provide guidance. There are also peer support groups online if you are not interested in talking with a therapist but want support.

  • Schedule weekly check-ins. Finding time to connect with your loved ones is difficult especially when you are frequently traveling for work and caring for others. If you schedule time to call or video with someone, you won't have to think about it or plan. Socializing will automatically be part of your routine.

  • Host a watching party of your favorite show or movie with your friends. There are apps such as Netflix Party that allows you to watch tv with your friends online.

How do you stay connected despite social distancing?

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