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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a hotline?

No, we are a HELPLINE not a hotline.  If you think someone is in immediate danger, call 911 NOW.    

When can I call A Helping Voice and will someone pick up when I call?

Call us anytime at 207-805-5555 and leave a message.  We try to answer every call that comes in during regular business hours, 9AM - 5PM, Monday through Friday.  During those hours we will do our best to answer your call directly.  If that’s not possible, we will call you back within a few hours.   

Is my call anonymous?

YES.  You don’t need to give us your name but if we need to call you back, we will ask for your phone number and keep that information confidential.

Can anyone call A Helping Voice?

YES.  Help is available to anyone who has concerns that an older person they know is being mistreated, exploited or neglected and is unsure about what to do or whether to call Maine’s Adult Protective Services (APS).

Will we call Adult Protective Services for you?

NO.  We will not report for you, but will help you decide if what you are worried about should be reported and how to go about doing that. If you’d like we can call APS with you.

Is A Helping Voice part of Adult Protective Services or the State of Maine?

NO.  We are not a part of APS or any other state agency.  We are supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and dedicated to helping people who have worries about an older person. We are here to help you figure out whether what you are worried about is abuse, to offer guidance on whether you are a mandated reporter, to tell you how to call APS and to support you in making that call, if it’s necessary.  

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