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What is  A Helping Voice - your partner in mandated reporting?

What does it mean to be your partner in the mandated reporting of elder abuse and mistreatment in Maine? It means that we are here to help you figure out whether what you are worried about is abuse, to offer guidance on whether you are a mandated reporter, to tell you how to call APS and to support you in making that call, if it’s necessary.  

Our operating Hours?

Call us anytime at 207-805-5555 and leave a message.  We try to answer every call that comes in during regular business hours, 9AM - 5PM, Monday through Friday.  During those hours we will do our best to answer your call directly.  If that’s not possible, we will call you back within a few hours.   

Who founded A Helping Voice?

We are partnership between the Elder Abuse Institute of Maine, a Gerontologist from the Keck School of Medicine at USC and a Geriatrician from Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth. Funded by the RWJF IRL program our goal is to help people navigate the difficult and often painful decisions about what to do when an older adult they know or care for may be being abused or mistreated.  

You can learn more about us here:

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